Attempting to buy a house


Holy crap how hard it is to be in your late 20’s trying to get your shit together?!

We are living in a tough economy right now and everyone is scared of Brexit and Frexit and Trump (lions and tigers and bears oh my!). I’m finding it really hard to be a part of the generation who want to move up in the world and settle down at this time, and I’m not even talking about having children yet, me and my boyfriend just want t buy a house.

I’m not saying anything new here, but I am really struggling with what the consequences of my decisions and actions actually mean. It’s so easy to live beyond your means now, you can buy so much on credit, get cheap holidays and live pay-day to pay-day, but this is not good. It has come back to bite me and I didn’t even know it was happening. I felt like we were just living like everyone else around us and now we want to get financially serious it’s like we’ve missed the boat – we are both still in our 20’s – that to me does not seem fair.

It’s not even like I went crazy in my 20’s and lived it up in Thailand and travelled to Australia, I worked hard and went on a few holidays, nothing really irresponsible or out of the ordinary but I now cannot help but feel like I have failed. I feel like I’m failing at being an adult and the consequences of my 20’s are much harder than they should be. Like I’m being punished for this lazy, unemployed, lay-about life style that I didn’t even get to enjoy. It’s like having a hangover when you didn’t even go out and indulge the night before.

We have a very minuscule amount of debt we are paying off and I’m trying to make my credit card balance look a little less scary. But we both work, we both pay our bills on time and we both have an honors degree from a prestigious university, but it feels like none of that matters as much as it should.

A cousin of mine said that you can enjoy your 20’s; go to uni, travel a bit and find your career – or you can buy a house! It is crazy to me that it’s one or the other; you cannot have both, unless of course you come from money.

If I had my time again I’d like to think id do it differently but I’m not sure I would. I have definitely made some mistakes but on the whole I would move abroad when I did, gone to university when I did and chosen the career I chose – all over again. So what are people supposed to do? I guess if I had been made aware of the seriousness of money problems earlier I would have been more cautious but no one knows what’s going to happen – 2008 and Brexit was a shock to (almost) everyone and the best laid plans…

I wish someone had sat me down and explained the real consequences, I guess then even if I ended up in the same position I would know I chose to be in it. But the luxury of being in the position you have chosen, in todays economy seems like too much of a tall order.

Please excuse me whilst I go and look at this week’s lottery numbers…

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