Conscious Clothing Choices

cc-choices6Does anyone else have that thing where if they’re not wearing the right outfit or they’re uncomfortable in what they’re wearing then the whole day is ruined?

I don’t know how to accurately describe this feeling but its like the world is getting the wrong impression of me. Not like the lazy or unflattering version but the wrong version. I’ve worn outfits that I’m sure are very unflattering but I’ve been comfortable and confident so I don’t care – its not that, its like having my personality misunderstood through clothing.

I have always been interested in how people dress, not necessarily in a fashion way but I’ve been curious as long as I can remember. I have a very good memory – people tell me this a lot, I probably remind them of outfit choices they’d rather forget. I am mostly good at remembering what things, or a situation looked like at the time, I can tell you what most people were wearing the first time I met them.

Clothes matter to me, they make an impression and I think they speak a lot about who you are, where you are in life and what you want to say. Obviously I don’t think everything is a statement but I believe you really project yourself through your choice of clothing. And that’s the thing; there is so much choice now, bountiful choice, so really we owe it to ourselves to pick things that are right to us.

I wish I had the money to buy really high end, beautiful quality clothing but I do NOT wish to be a part of the rat-race that is the fashion industry. The stress of trying to keep up and be ahead seems just too exhausting and like you’re taking yourself way to seriously. I think you can tell the people who are creating and wearing art and the people who are just trying way to hard.

I’m not sure I have style, in fact I’m 99% sure I don’t but I can tell you immediately when people are not comfortable in what they’re wearing. I think you can spot it a mile off and I fear that people can see it in me too, those are the days when I want to run home and get changed.

When I was a student I was known to leave the studio and change half way through the day because I didn’t like what I was wearing, I felt scruffy or just not my best self. I think people used to think this was a prissy and up-tight quality and maybe it is but I don’t see it that way, it feel like I cannot concentrate or produce good work if I’m just thinking about how bad I look.

I strive for comfort and confidence in my life and that means in my clothing choices too. Some people live for the drama and angst in their day and I don’t know how to identify with those people, we are from different planets. I think when I’m feeling good in what I’m wearing there isn’t anything I can’t do. It also brings out the best side in me. I will be hard working, helpful, patient and funny – but catch me when I’m wearing an outfit I’m unhappy in and you should just run because the chances are you wont come out alive.

My most comfortable staples for my wardrobe are:



How basic am I? So basic that I don’t care.

I like clean lines, lately I’ve gone off prints (except stripes because they’ll live in my heart forever) and I don’t like anything too fussy. On me that is, I love when other people wear really out-there crazy clothes, I like to think I can live vicariously through them.

I want to get out of the habit of just buying things because they fit and somewhat flatter me, that is not the point. What do they say about me? Do I want to be the type of person who owns this garment? The chances are no, so I’m trying to make more conscious clothing choices. This has mostly resulted in me not buying much and wearing the same stuff every weekend but I’m hoping to turn it into a cohesive wardrobe that I love and represents a bit more of who I am.

Photo image courtesy of: Pinterest

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