Our Housing Journey Part One

Putting the wheels in motion adulting2

Deciding to get yourselves together, get grown up jobs, pay the bills on time and be a responsible adult is not as easy as I thought it would be, but then I didn’t really give it much though before, hence the struggle.

I used to be self-employed so when we started thinking about buying a house in our future I knew I would have to give that game up. Its very difficult to buy a house when your self-employed so I stopped accepting the work, which as it turns out, I was quite happy to do. I think I needed to get out of that industry for a while. The Boy also went from bar-tending and playing music for a living to wearing a suit and working 40+ hours a week. He seemed to manage it a lot easier than me, but then I think he set his bar a little lower.

We went from being a couple that introduced ourselves as a jazz pianist and a costume designer to an Estate Agent and an unemployed person. Bit of a confidence knock but we both just kept chugging at it.

He started off going to work, bringing in the money and paying the bills, I started looking for work and struggling, working for crazy people, leaving and struggling, the pattern continued. It took me about a year to get into a rhythm, once I did I started paying back my debt and trying to get by. It is not easy.

Some people will already be in steady jobs and saving a little when they start to think about buying a house, good for you people, good for you. I don’t regret being self-employed and working in the industry I did but I wish I hadn’t spent so much time flailing in between that and the job I’m in now. Unfortunately, on reflection, that feels like a waste of time. Although my current job wouldn’t have been available as the lady I have replaced wouldn’t have yet retired, but you see where I’m going with this.

Deciding to buy a house and set the wheels in motion has not been easy, there have defiantly been some tears and frustrations but I’m hoping it’ll all be worth it in the end. We will have worked hard and have something to show for it, the start of our journey has not been straightforward but I guess in this current climate, is it for anyone?

We are now starting to fill in the paperwork for a mortgage application. The reality of this is a horrifying as it sounds. Having to find our old bills, know what’s outstanding and when it will be paid off, what have been our previous jobs and how much money we have saved. It’s like baring your financial soul, which feels a little personal and intrusive but it has to be done. I am hoping with every fiber of my being that it all works out.

We are taking a deep breath and jumping in, please universe, be kind….



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