Getting Through Winter

I have found this winter a real struggle, more than other winters and I have battled mentally against the shorter days and grey skies. I have found myself needing to check-in and take care of myself more than ever before. Come to think of it maybe its turning 30, who knows, anyway – here are some of the things I have been using to get me through, before the first few buds of spring come through to lift my spirits.

Herbal tea

glass teaBut not just herbal tea, herbal tea in a glass teapot and drinking from tiny glass cups. We went on a spa break back in October and once we had had our massage (fancy) they gave us an individual serving of tea in a lovely glass pot. I loved it so much I got one for myself. Not only did I love the look of it but I also loved how small the cups were. This means that you can pour several cups of tea for yourself, I like the culture of this and find it calming, it feels very indulgent and therapeutic. Find one similar to mine here


A sunrise alarm clock

Sunrise alarm clock

This has been my saviour. It is supposed to replicate the sunrise enabling waking up to be more natural.  I hate the dark mornings and I find it increasingly difficult to get out of bed during the winter. This little number as been really helpful with that. The only thing is that it does get a little too light too quickly so I have now started setting it 10 minutes before I need to wake up rather than the suggested 30. Find mine here

Keeping my wardrobe bright


Accessories like these help me feel bright when it doesn’t get light all day. You know when its just grey and bland – little numbers like these help me keep a little spring in step. The scarf is New Look and the earrings are from Accessorize


Reading a book thats set in the summer


I have recently read this little nugget and whilst it isn’t specifically set in the summer I felt warmer for reading it. I loved being transported to Paris and as the book progresses through the heart of France itself. I love France and the idea of travelling through it on a literary barge is my idea of a dream. Imagining being on the water during that beautiful time of year when the sky is a haze of permanent pink is like thinking of my personal happy place.

I would recommend this book for winter blues or anyone who needs a pick me up on those grey days. Shop it here


Body Oil

body oil

I have switched to using this when I get out of the shower and it’s a game changer. It has helped with that lovely layer of scaly skin I am prone to in the cold months but also the texture and smell is great. The oil makes me feel like I’m really treating my skin and it smells like summer. It smells of being in a hot country, feeling the sun on your skin and cooking outside with a glass of wine on the go – you know, just what you want when you’re getting out of the shower at 6am. Shop it here


We are so close to Spring I an almost smell it but I am keen to take anyone else’s tips, how are you getting through these long months?



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