Currently Coveting: Plant pots and garden accessories

After writing about how gardening has improved my mental health in my latest Wellness Wednesday post (which you can check out here) I thought I would share the 10 indoor garden accessories I am currently coveting, some of the items I have recently bought myself and the rest I have got a very beady eye on. This is not a sponsored post – I just love this stuff!

NOTH Plant pot 2One. These delightful pots are from Not On The High Street. I love their pattern for inside the house, its not too garish but it adds a lovely aspect of detail. I am also a fan of pots which run straight up, not like the traditional terracotta ones which ate smaller at the bottom and larger at the top – does that even make sense?! I don’t know – but I do love these, click here to order yours from Stupid Egg Interiors from £13.45



HM plant pot 2

Two. How utterly lovely is this little jazzy number? We have off-white walls in our lounge and dining room and I think this would look delightful against them, could look perfect with a trailing plant sitting on one of our book shelves too. Shop it from H&M Home here for £12.99



Anthropologie plant


ThreeI have had my eyes on these for a while and I think I’ll have to be investing in them this month. These are the perfect accessory for the downstairs house plants, they will give them an extra touch of sass and can you ever too much of that?! They are from Anthropologie here for £22






HM plant pot


Four. How Moody and relevant is this little caldron pot? I cant believe I just used those two words to describe a plant pot – but I’m not wrong am I?! I love having contrasting colours and textures and I think this would be the perfect addition. Shop it here from H&M Home for £12.99



NOTH Plant pots


Five. Another couple of absolute corkers from Not On The High Street. I think these would look good together with the caldron pot above. I love their shape and think they complement a succulent perfectly, thumbs up from me. Shop them here from £14 from Make and Matter




Amazon Watering canSix. I have found that I need a different watering can for the house as apposed to the garden, this may be obvious to some but not for a novice like me. But I’m not mad because now I get to choose another lovely item to add to my home. i love this chrome style one from Amazon for £16.98


FV plant potSeven. I discovered the most wonderful shop in Lewes recently, its in the Needle Makers and it’s called From Victoria. There were a number of things I wanted in there but I really loved this pot, so I just had to bring it home, you can also order it online here for £10




plant pot

Eight. I found this little number from Home Base recently, its a lovely addition to our kitchen, there are other prints and colours but I loved this one. You can find all the variations here for only £3.50 – you just cant argue with that!





hm-watering-can.jpegNine. Another watering can I am lusting after, I love this colour and the fact that its matt. I may be making a rather large order from H&M Home at this rate … you can order it online here for £17.99





Amazon House of PlantsTen. Finally last but not least, I think i’ll be ordering this lovely book House of Plants by Rose Ray, Caro Langton and Erika Rax, its a practical guide to indoor plants and also gives advice of how to style them in your home. I want to know more about which plants should be in each room and where they should be placed – sign me up! You can shop it too from here for £11.34





What plant accessories do you currently have in your home?

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