Wellness Wednesday – Podcasts

I am well aware that this isn’t something new, podcasts have been around for a long time and I have been downloading them for a couple of years, but what is new is how they have made me feel about my mental health.

There are two in particular which I have been listening to a lot lately and I’ve found them so helpful and insightful.

Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

HappyPlaceWeb3I love this woman and have been a fan since the good old days of Diggit (what a great bit of Saturday morning TV that was). I think its so great that this podcast promotes mental health awareness and has an open dialogue about everyone’s different journey. We need more of this in order to enable the normality around discussing mental health. Fearne is so easy with her guests and they in return are open with her.

Literally every episode is great, I’ve even gone back and listened to some of them more than once, it’s fair to say that I am eagerly awaiting the second series.

There was a section in the Dawn French episode that actually made me stop in my tracks, literally I was running and I stopped, when she is describing living in London, here is the quote:

I find that I get quite upset by constantly seeing difficult things. I find that when I go to London [now] I look at peoples faces and think ‘Oh she’s cold’ or ‘Agh that person hasn’t got anywhere to go tonight’ – my whole insides are upset all the time.

HELLO ME. I’ve never herd anyone describe that feeling that I get, not just with something specific like London but with lots of things, I guess before people have just rounded it up to being ‘over sensitive’ or ‘over emotional’, I thought it was amazing.

Anyway – each guest on this show has something different to offer, whether its with experience, advice or point of view – that’s why there’s something for everyone. After listening you’ll feel enlightened I promise.

BBC Radio 4 – Desert Island Discs

Desert ISland DiscI know I am drastically late to this party, I mean it has literally been around for 76 years but I cannot praise it enough. I love it.

Its hosted by Kirsty Young who just has the most divine voice, its calming, soothing and like velvet, I could just listen to her talk without any guests.

So for those of you who don’t know, the premise of the show is that a guest is stranded on a desert island and they are only allowed to take 8 disks/tracks with them. They talk through each one and what it means to them and why they would take each piece of music. Some of my favourite guests have been; Matt Smith, Kay Mellor, Stella McCartney and David Beckham.

I love this series because you learn so much about each person, they are all (mostly) pretty humble too because they are discussing their beginnings and the most precious memories of their childhood.

I like to listen to it when I go for a run because it lets my mind wander enough to switch off from the task at hand, when I get back to the house I feel better mentally as well as physically.

So there you go, my latest treat to my mental wellness – podcasts. I downloaded them from the app straight onto my Iphone but you can also find them on Spotify.

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